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October 20, 2015

Sarah :: Missouri Senior Photographer


I’ve been looking forward to Sarah’s senior session ever since she booked with me a few months ago and it did not disappoint! She has the most bubbly and sweet personality and it was such a blast getting her rad self in front of my camera! Seriously… how gorgeous is she?! We had the most amazing locations for her session, and I couldn’t be more excited with how these turned out!! One of my favorite sessions to date! Sarah – enjoy your photos, you beautiful lady!! Congrats being a SENIOR! Yay!

Much love,


St.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2872.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2873.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2874.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2876.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2877.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2878.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2879.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2880.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2881.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2882.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2885.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2883.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2886.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2887.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2889.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2888.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2890.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2891.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2893.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2892.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2894.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2895.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2896.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2897.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2899.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2900.jpgSt. Louis Wedding Photography_2904

  1. Ashlynne says:

    These are precious and she is so beautiful!
    I wish you could have taken my senior pictures!
    Wonderful work, as always.

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