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October 15, 2015

Luke & Caitlin :: Springfield Illinois Engagement Photographer


I’ve been so looking forward to Luke and Caitlin’s engagement session not only because they are the absolute cutest couple, but because they are amazing photographers themselves!! How fun is that?! It is always such an honor to get other photographers in front of my camera!! Caitlin did such an amazing job planning every bit of their Springfield Illinois session – and it turned out perfectly. I am just in love with their photos! We had the most beautiful October day full of lots of sunshine – which is always a favorite of mine! These two made my job so easy because their love is the most genuine and joyful thing. I’m seriously so stoked to celebrate these two as they become husband and wife next June… it’s going to be the best! Luke and Caitlin – thank you for being the sweetest clients! I’m so honored and grateful to be your photographer and hope you absolutely adore your photos!! xoxo

Much love,

Jessica Lauren

St.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2820.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2822.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2823.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2824.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2825.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2826.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2827.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2828.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2832.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2831.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2833.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2834.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2835.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2837.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2838.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2839.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2840.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2841.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2842.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2845.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2844.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2843.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2846.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2849.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2847.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2850.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2851.jpgSt. Louis Wedding Photography_2864St.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2852.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2853.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2854.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2855.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2856.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2857.jpgSt.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2858.jpgSt. Louis Wedding Photography_2861St.-Louis-Wedding-Photography_2859.jpgSt. Louis Wedding Photography_2860

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