"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

When I started my business as a senior in high school, let's be honest - I had no idea what I was doing. Over the past seven years I've made countless mistakes, but I've also seen huge wins - and in the midst I've found a deep love for sharing what I've learned with others. Running a small business is a unique gift that carries unique challenges. If you need a jump start with your business, want to strategize how to book more clients, manage your backend, or just need fresh perspective, I would love for us to sit down and chat!

Mentor sessions take place at my home office in Wright City, Missouri and include two hours of mentoring, five new headshots for your website & social media, q&a, and an opportunity to create an intentional game plan as you move forward with your business. Nothing is off limits - this time is an opportunity to focus on your individual needs as a creative business owner! 

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The Business of Wedding Photography course is seriously AMAZING and it’s great no matter what stage of business you are currently in! It covers everything from branding, to shooting/posing, to LIVE sessions (one of my favorite parts!), to editing, to taxes, to organization, to profitability, to the backend of your business, and so much more!!

I have only just begun implementing things from this course that have helped me become more organized and more efficient! I know it will save me so much time and help me serve my clients that much better! Jessica is such a joy and she’s so great at teaching. She’s real, she’s funny, and she cuts out the fluff! I am 1000% confident that the lessons and strategies in this course can absolutely take any wedding photography business to the next level!