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The Art of Second Shooting

The Art of Second Shooting, Jessica Lauren PhotographyI’m so excited to be continuing this blog series on second shooting!! I firmly believe that refining and understanding the art of second shooting is an incredible asset to have as a photographer. As I mentioned in my first post, second shooting has been huge in growing my business and my circle of friends in the photography industry! I cannot say enough good things about second shooting and why I believe it is so important! To read part one of this series that covers the ATTITUDE of a second shooter, head on over here!!

Today I wanted to primarily focus on the expectations of a second shooter. I have high expectations for the people who work for me simply because I want to give my clients the best experience possible… which means I have high expectations for myself as well!! No worries, it’s a two-way street y’all! ;) I think it’s incredibly important as a second shooter to KNOW what the main shooter expects of you… because when everything is out in the open, there is a much better chance of you being an awesome second shooter that is highly favored by the main photographer! You will build trust, connections, and relationships with people that are absolutely invaluable in this industry!

One thing that is hugely important to me is that my second shooters act professionally. My second shooters are representing my brand and my business – and I expect them to represent well!! :) This means acting professionally even when you feel like you are “off the clock” – in our conversations between locations, in a bathroom conversation with the guest before the ceremony, or even when we are sitting down to dinner… seriously anything! You want to maintain professionalism and never give anyone an opportunity to say something negative about you or my business! This also hugely applies to your clothing choices! In order to garner respect from the bride and groom and guest, you have to act, speak, and dress in a way that is undeniably professional.

Know your equipment. I am more than happy to help with any questions my second shooters have before or after a wedding, but during most moments on a wedding day, my brain is in so many other places and I know I’m not the only one! It’s important to me that I can trust my second photographer to capture consistent images and utilize their equipment to the best of their ability! A question here and there is totally fine, but on a regular basis I want my second photographer to be able to capture solid, beautiful images without my assistance.

Be on time. It says so much when my second shooters go above and beyond when working for me! Therefore, always be on time, if not a few minutes early. It exemplifies that you are trustworthy and takes a huge stress off of the main shooter! The last thing I want to be worried about is if my second shooter is going to make me late. Arriving promptly will speak volumes to whoever you are shooting with!

I hope this helps you refine some of the nitty gritty details of second shooting!! Part three of this series will be about the role of a second shooter… and you won’t want to miss it! :)

Happy Thursday, friends!!

Much love,

Jessica Lauren

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